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NSS SDR Transceiver (Small Sat)
Brand:NewSpace Systems
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    NSS SDR Transceiver (Small Sat)

    For this particular product offering NewSpace has partnered with a leader in communications systems for small spacecraft and nanosatellites based in United States. Established in 2000 in Florida, this company has proven itself increasingly dynamic and today boasts a diverse, global customer base that has yielded solid partnership with prominent academic institutions, multiple government agencies and leading aerospace companies.

    As a partner and African representative, NewSpace today has the pleasure of making these cutting-edge Ka-band transceiver available to our clients.

    Main Features


    • Small size and low power

    • Transmit and receive high data rates (>1Gbps)


    • Small satellite missions with high data rate requirements


    • Band: Ka-band (transmitter), S-band (receiver)

    • Frequency(transmit): 26.5 - 40 Hz

    • Frequency (receive): 29-31Hz

    • Modulation: QPSK, DOQOSK(transmitter), BPSK(receiver)

    • Dimension: <0.5U

    • Weight: <600g

    • Power(DC): 15W per TX W (transmitter), 3W(receiver)