Satellite import and export_卫星组部件进出口_Small Satellite import and export【BYHEAD】


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    The electric igniter, which is a core element in the aerospace pyrotechnical devices, requires a high degree of reliability and security. Its function is to ignite the subsequent charge to complete the function of passing fire; and sometimes it can be directly used as a pressure cartridge. The electric igniter produced by our institute is a non-insensitive electric bridge wire (band). It works following the thermal initiation mechanism, and its basic structure includes the bridge wire, plug, pin, detonating powder, shell, etc. It produces heat from the current through a fine metal bridge wire (or bridge band) with some resistance, heating the bridge wire to a scorching hot condition and heating the explosives around the bridge wire to cause burning or detonation.

    Non-insensitive electric igniter can be detonated when the current is 1A. This kind of electric igniter has the advantages of short detonating time, generally less than 3 milliseconds, low input current and low requirements for power capacity. Its disadvantage is that it is of relatively low security. Non-insensitive electric igniter was widely used in the 1960s and 1970s and it is still used in some successive models.