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CubeWheel Medium
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    CubeWheel Medium

    CubeWheel comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes. It  is a complete reactionwheel that includes a highly balanced flywheel disc, brushless motor, driver, and microcontroller. These wheels can be given a speed reference command through I2C, UART and CAN, and integrates easily with any ADAC system.

    Main Features


     · Brushless DC motor to minimise friction

     · Vacuum-rated bearings


    · 12-bit angular rate feedback

     · Integrated electronics which includes drive circuitry and speed control algorithms

     · I2C, UART, and CAN interfaces


     · Various sizes:Small, Medium, and Large

     · Mountable in 3 axes

     · Mounting holes strengthened with heli-coils

     · Magnetically shielded using Mu-Metal


     · Can be used to exchange angular momentum with satellite body

     · Easily integrates with CubeADCS bundles

    Testing & Heritage:

     · Vibration:8.03g RMS random

     · Thermal(Operational):-10℃ to 70℃

     · Radiation:20kRad

     · >10 total yeas in-flight


     · Operating voltage (Vbattery=6.5V-16V) :3.3V,Vbattery

     · Speed range:±6000rpm

     · Max Torque:1.0mNm

     · Momentum storage:10.82mNms

     · Peak power:< 2.3W

     · Power at 2000 rpm(8V;25℃):<190mW

     · Dimensions:46 x 46 x 31.5mm

     · Mass:150 g