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Pull actuating cylinder
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    The tension cylinder is a piston device which provides drive and propulsion. It is used to operate switches, valves, safety/arming devices and separate various structural mechanisms. Its basic principle is to design the actuation device into a structure of piston rod and piston cylinder, and push the piston to move with the assistance of high temperature and high pressure gas produced from pyrotechnics and convert the energy produced from explosives and propellants into mechanical energy so as to provide pull, impulse, etc. for the terminals.

    The pull cylinder's main function is to provide a predetermined pull for a movement mechanism. Its structure is similar to that of the ejection cylinder, but the parts, which will not be separated with the structural body, need to be locked after moving for a certain distance. At the start and during work, the pull cylinder will produce a relatively great impact and overload, and appropriate buffer measures can be taken in the structure to ensure stable output performance and motor process.