Satellite import and export_卫星组部件进出口_Small Satellite import and export【BYHEAD】


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    The unlocking device is widely used to connect or separate the aerospace product structure system. It is installed and used in similar way with ordinary bolts. In addition to axial tension, it can also withstand certain bending moments and torques. The product generally fastens structural mechanisms through screw threads. The device's working principle is that: the electric detonator ignites the main charge to produce high-temperature and high-pressure gas which break the weakening slot or cut off the

    shear pin to let the unlocking bolt end the locking state. The weakening slot breaks or the shear pin cuts off in the specified location to complete the unlocking and separation function. The structure of the unlocking bolt is greatly varied and according to the overall connection force requirements, it can be designed into weakening slot type, shear pin type, steel ball connection type, and wedge connection type.