Separation nut
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    The separation nut adopts a nut-like structure and it can also be classified into unlocking pyrotechnics in terms of functionality. Its maximum carrying capacity can be up to 500kN and its structure size is the minimum among all similar products. The separation nut can be designed in accordance with the sizes of ordinary nut threads, so it's easy to achieve product serialization and standardization.

    The starting pressure of the separation nut is low and the input gas pressure can be less than 10 MPa. The separation impact produced is smaller than that of other pyrotechnic devices and no pollution is produced during the separation process. During the ignition operation of the product, separation of the bolt from the separation nut is realized through payload and generally, the separation nut does not provide a separating force. Another advantage of the separation nut is that, cool air can be adopted to drive tests and the separation nut doesn't need to be disassembled for repeated use, and this method can also be adopted to conduct functional check of the flight test product.