Satellite import and export_卫星组部件进出口_Small Satellite import and export【BYHEAD】


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    The pin puller is used for the locking and release of structural mechanisms, such as the parachute disengagement and solar sail release. In working, the pin puller uses the protruding end to pin the movable parts and the constraints on parts are removed when the protruding end retracts. The pin puller relies on the lateral bearing of the protruding pin, is able to withstand a radial load with the carrying capacity ranging from 0 to 20kN. When the piston moves, only friction needs to be overcome, so the energy needed is small. Another advantage of the pin puller is that it's simple in structure, no extras are generated, it produces reliable work and is very versatile. Arranged according to the diameter of the protruding end, it is easy to achieve serialization design.