Satellite import and export_卫星组部件进出口_Small Satellite import and export【BYHEAD】


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    The working principle of the small rocket is identical with that of a solid-propellant rocket engine, and that is, generally using the double base propellant as the fuel; and the gas and products from burning the propellant expand and flow through the nozzle to generate a constant thrust and impulse. The performance indexes of the small rocket include thrust, time and total impulse. These performance indexes can be adjusted by adjusting the type of charge and the nozzle size, and the direction of thrust is controlled by the nozzle direction. The small rocket is simple in structure and the propellant is usually a single grain, suitable for controlling the satellite attitude, such as startup, de-spinning, reverse thrust and obverse thrust, and also suitable for cabin or payload separation as well as the deceleration of the aircraft before landing.