Satellite import and export_卫星组部件进出口_Small Satellite import and export【BYHEAD】


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    The cutter is used to cut high-strength ropes, cables, pressure hoses, fuel pipes and various metal connecting rods. The cutter can be divided into: the electrically driven cutter which utilizes the electric detonator to ignite the main charge to promote the piston cutter for cutting; the mechanically driven cutter which utilizes the mechanical striker to strike the detonating cap which then ignites the main charge to promote the piston cutter for cutting, and the mechanically driven cutter is mainly used to cut shut ropes of parachutes.

    The mechanically driven cutter which also has the delay function is mainly used for cutting shut ropes or aramid belts of parachutes.

    The electrically driven cutter can be used to cut bolts, ropes and shielded cables. The product cutting non-metallic materials and the product cutting metal materials differ in structure design and performance design. The cutter has a strong versatility that it is easy to achieve product serialization design.