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IM200 Series Smart Optical Imager
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    IM200 Series Smart Optical Imager

    The IM200 Series Smart Optical Imager is a low mass, low power, general purpose imager aimed at providing medium resolution imaging capability to small platforms, such as nano-satellites. It offers on-board image compression and holds a frame-buffer which can contain up to 25 full frame raw images.

    The default version uses USB2.0 for image transfers, which presents itself to the host system as a mass storage device. Raw images are shot, and a preview (compressed) image is generated, avoiding unnecessary bandwidth usage.

    The IM200 is also suitable for applications on larger satellite platforms. For these applications, additional interfaces, power supply ranges and optics are available.


    • 4 Megapixel imager

    • > 30 MPixel/s scan rate

    • 16 mm F1.2 or 50 mm F2.0 lens

    • USB2.0 480 Mbps high speed image transfer interface. Medium speed RS422/RS485 is optional

    • TTL UART command interface.USB, RS422, RS485, I²C are optional

    • Standard I2C-compatible interface.RS422, RS485, U(S)ART and CAN are optional

    • Monochrome and RGB versions available

    • Radiation tolerance qualified up to 12.5 krad (Si) for all components.

    • Plug-and-play ready design

    • Low mass:59 g

    • Low power:(nominal) < 700 mW (at full speed)

    • Outer dimensions:29 x 29 x 70.7 mm



     · Full frame size:2048x1944 pixels

     · Pixel scan rate:> 33 MPixel/s

     · Standard lens focal length:16 / 50 mm

     · Standard lens F-number:1.2 / 2.0


     · Outer dimensions:29 x 29 x 70.7 mm

     · Mass (using 50mm F2.0 lens):59 g


    · Operating temperature:-20 - +40 °C

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