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HT-RW200.15 Reaction wheels
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    TheHyperion Technologies B.V. HT-RW200.15 Reaction wheels are low mass, low power reaction control wheels,which can allow CubeSats and other pico- and nano-satellites to control theirattitude. These reaction wheels are specifically designed for applications in 1to 3U CubeSat platforms, and they are also used in the Berlin Space Technologies / Hyperion Technologies iADCS100-series attitude control systems.

    They feature an internal fire-and-forgetcontroller, which frees up the host processor’s workload.  

    The standard configuration features 0.1 mNmtorque, and an I²C interface. Different interfaces are available on request.


    • Totalmomentum storage:+/-1.5 mNms

    • Maximumtorque: 0.1 mNm

    • Fire-and-forgetspeed control. Torque control available on request

    • I2C-compatibleinterface

    • UARTinterface available on request

    • Plug-and-playready design

    • Primarycomponents radiation tolerant up to 50 krad

    • Lowmass:21 / <TBD> gram

    • Lowpower:< 850 mW peak

    • Smalldimensions:25 x 25 x 15


    Total momentum storage        1.5 mNms

    Maximum torque                     0.1 mNm

    Maximum rotation rate            19200 rpm

    Control accuracy                     +/- 0.5 rpm


                                       Min.         Typ.        Max.

    Supply voltage          3.1V        3.3V        3.5V

    Bus logic level voltage           3.2-5.1V

    Power andcurrent consumption:

                                      Min.           Typ.           Max.

    Idle                          <TBD>        50mW       75mW

    Nominal                  <TBD>       220mW      <TBD>

    Peak                       <TBD>       <TBD>       850mW