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HT-RW400.30 Reaction wheels
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    The Hyperion Technologies B.V. HT-RW400.30 V1.0 Reaction wheel is a low mass, low power reaction control wheel, which can allow CubeSats to control their attitude. The wheel was specifically designed for 6U CubeSat platforms, and is also used in the iADCS400 series attitude control systems.

    It features an internal fire-and-forget controller, which frees up the host processor’s workload.  

    The standard configuration features 2 mNmtorque, and an I²C interface. Different interfaces are available on request, asis a higher torque configuration. The high torque configuration however has anincreased vibration level.


    • Totalmomentum storage:  +/-30 mNms  

    • Maximumtorque: 2 mNm(up to 5 mNmavailable as an option)

    • Fire-and-forgetspeed control

    • I2C-compatibleinterface

    • RS422/RS485 and/or CAN interfaces available on request

    • Plug-and-playready design

    • Primarycomponents radiation tolerant up to 50 krad

    • Standardversion useable for orbits up to 500 km(ahigh altitude version is available on demand)

    • Lowmass:           <TBD> gram  

    • Lowpower:          < 2500 mW peak  

    • Smallvolume requirements: 50x50x27.5 mm  


    Total momentum storage        30 mNms

    Maximum torque                       2 mNm

    Maximum rotation rate             5000 rpm

    Control accuracy                      +/- 0.5 rpm


                                           Min.       Typ.        Max.

    Supply voltage               4.9V       5.0V        5.1V

    Logic supply voltage       2.7                         5.1

    Bus logic level voltage             1.7-5.1V

    Power andcurrent consumption:

                                           Min.        Typ.        Max.

    Idle                               < TBD>    <TBD>     75mW

    Nominal                        <TBD>    650mW     <TBD>

    Peak                             <TBD>    <TBD>     2500mW