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NSS Propulsion System
Brand: NewSpace Systems
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    Hydrogen Peroxide Monopropellant Thrusters & Hydrazine Thrusters

       For this particular product offering NewSpace has partnered with a leader in thruster design and propulsion systems for small and nanosatellites based in the United States. Established in 2000 in Florida, this company has proven itself increasing dynamic and today boasts a diverse, global customer base that has yielded solid partnerships with prominent academic institutions, multiple government agencies and leading aerospace companies.

       As a partner and African representative, NewSpace today has the pleasure of making a variety of efficient propulsion solutions available to our client's. There are respectively four configurations for Hydrogent Peroxide Monopropellant thruster and Hydrazine Thrusters.

    Main Features


    • Tailored to the CubeSat (3U to 27U) satellite market but scalable to support larger systems


    • Propulsion systems include warm gas, hydrogen peroxide and hydrazine solutions

    • Propulsion R&D services for a variety of systems such as gels, aerospikes, unique bi-props and hybrids


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