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ST200 Star Tracker
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    ST200 Star Tracker

    The ST200 is one of the world’s smallest and lightest fully autonomous, low power star trackers, aimed at applications in pico- and nano-satellite platforms.

    The ST200 is also suitable for applications on larger satellite platforms. For these applications, additional interfaces and power supply ranges are available.  


     · Attitude determination accuracy (3 σ):< 30 arcseconds pitch and yaw                      

                                                                           < 200 arcseconds roll

     · TTL UART interface. RS422, RS485, I²C are optional

     · Radiation tolerance qualified up to 12.5 krad (Si) for all components

     · Plug-and-play ready design

     · Various baffle options available on demand

     · Low mass:42g

     · Low power:600mW

     · Outer dimensions:29 x 29 x 38.1 mm



     · Attitude determination accuracy (pitch, yaw):30 arcseconds (3σ)

     · Attitude determination accuracy (roll):200 arcseconds (3σ)

     · Update rate:5Hz

     · Maximum slew rate (tilt/tilt):> 0.3 °/s

     · Maximum slew rate (roll):> 0.6 °/s


     · Outer dimensions:29 x 29 x 38.1mm

     · Mass (excluding baffle)42g


     · Operating temperature-20 - +40 °C

     · Radiation tolerance:> 12.5 krad (Si)

     · Equivalent shielding thickness:> 1.5 mm Al


     · Supply voltage:Min. 3.6V,  Typ. 3.65V,  Max. 5.0V

     · Power consumption:Min. 180mW,  Typ. 600mW,  Max. 1000mW