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NSS Reaction Wheel T005/T065/T10
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    Reaction Wheel NRWA-T005/T065/T10

       A high performance alternative to a reaction control system, reaction wheels provide spacecraft with control torque by means of momentum exchange between the satellite body and the rotating wheel. The increasing popularity of these wheels coupled with our commitment to high quality, fit for purpose components has resulted in NSS offering these wheels in a range of sized (T005, T065, T10).

       Typically, three of four reaction wheels are needed to provide full three-axis ocntrol of a spacecraft and the additional integration of these wheels with external gyroscopes for fill three-axis control using inertial rates. With high torque stability, wheel momentum capacity and accuracy speed control, NSS reaction wheels are ideal for agile small satellite missions requiring accurate pointing.

    Main Features


    • High performance three-axis torque and momentum exchange actuators for agile small satellite missions

    • Momentum bias

    • Inertial rate control for accurate pointing of imagers

    Testing & Heritage:

    • TUBSAT

    • Orbcomm second generation constellation

    • LAPAN-2/3


    • Wheel torque and momentum capacity suited to client mission requirements (fit for purpose)

    • Accurate speed control and inertial rate control

    • Simple digital interface to spacecraft bus

    • Integration with an optional gyroscope for inertial rate control and inertial angle control modes possible

    • Allows for the wheels to be operated independently in current or speed control modes

    • Hermetically sealed (not T10)