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NSS CubeSat Sun Sensor NCSS-SA05
Brand:NewSpace Systems
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Product Price :€3300.00
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    NSS CubeSat Sun Sensor NCSS-SA05

    The CubeSat sun sensor determines the spacecraft body angles with respect to the sun. The sensor is extremely small and light to minimise the demands on nano-spacecraft. The sensor achieves much higher measurement accuracy than traditional photodiode cosine sensors.

    Main Features


     · Accurate determination of sun-angle

     · Six sensors can achieve full sky coverage

     · Used in conjunction with a magnetometer for simple attitude control

     · Can be used as safe-mode sensors on gyro or star-mapper controlled systems

    Testing & Heritage:

    · More than 100 CubeSat Sun Sensor have been delivered to a multitude of international programmes.


    · Field of view:114°

     · Update Rate:>10 Hz (limited by ADC)

     · Accuracy:<0.5°RMS error over FOV

     · Thermal (operational):-25°C to +50°C

     · Interfaces:

        -Power Supply: 5V

        -I/F: 5 analogue channels, 9-way Nano-D connector

        -Mechanical:3x M2 threaded holes

     ·Mass: < 5 g

     ·Power: < 10 mA

     ·Size: 33mm x 11mm x 6mm