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SSOC-D60 2-Axis digital sun sensor
Brand:Solar MEMS Technologies S.L.
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Product Price :€12200.00
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    Sun Sensor on a Chip (SSOC), is based on MEMS fabrication processes to achieve highly integrated sensing structures for high accurate sun-tracking, positioning systems and attitude determination.

    SSOC-D60 device measures the incident angle of a sun ray in both axis. It includes a microprocessor that directly provides the sun light incident angles and their derivatives without external calculations, via digital interface.

    The high sensitivity is based on geometrical dimensions of the design. The use of a metal shield and a cover glass minimizes the ageing of the device under high radiation levels. Every sensor is calibrated and characterized.

    Technical Chracteristics:

     · Type:2 orthogonal axes

     · Field of View:±60º

     · Accuracy:< 0.3 º (3sigma)

     · Precision:< 0.05 º

     · Average consumption:70mW

     · Supply voltage:5V

     · Interface:SPI, UART, I2C and RS422

     · Mass:35g

     · Housing:Aluminum 6082 , Black anodizing

    Qualification Data and Flight Heritage:

     · Operating Temperature:-45º to 85º Celsius

     · Radiation:30 kRad (gamma) , 6 MeV 3000 kRad (protons)

     · Random vibration:14.1g @ 20-2000 Hz

     · Shock:3000 g @ 1-100 ms

     · More than 50 units included in more than 10 missions.