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SSOC-A60 2-Axis analog sun sensor
Brand:Solar MEMS Technologies S.L.
Product Number :0
Product Price :€7200.00
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    Sun Sensor on a Chip (SSoC), is based on MEMS fabrication processes to achieve highly integrated sensing structures for high accurate sun-tracking, positioning systems and attitude determination.

    SSOC-A60 device measures the incident angle of a sun ray in two axes. The high sensitivity is based on geometrical dimensions of the design.

    Every sensor is calibrated and characterized, and a look-up table is provided for its application. The use of a metal shield and a cover glass in the optical eye minimizes the ageing of the device under high radiation levels.

    Technical Chracteristics:

     · Type:2 orthogonal axes

     · Field of View:±60º

     · Accuracy:< 0.3 º (3sigma)

     · Precision:< 0.05 º

     · Average consumption:36mW(<12 mW in dark)

     · Supply voltage:3.3V / 5V

     · Output voltage:0-3.3/0-5V(4 analog output photodiode voltages)

     · Mass:25g

     · Housing:Aluminum 6082 , Black anodizing

    Qualification Data and Flight Heritage:

     · Operating Temperature:-45º to 85º Celsius

     · Radiation:>100 kRad (gamma) , 6 MeV 3000 kRad (protons)

     · Random vibration:14.1g @ 20-2000 Hz

     · Shock:3000 g @ 1-100 ms

     · More than 50 units included in more than 10 missions.