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NSS Magnetorquer Rod
Brand:NewSpace Systems
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    NSS CubeSat Magnetorquer Rod

    Magnetorquers offer a method of controlling the attitude of a spacecraft. This can be achieved either directly, by interacting with the local Earth’s magnetic field, or in combination with reaction wheels where they allow a method of dumping excess momentum in the wheels without the need for a complex propulsion system.

    The use of a magnetic alloy rod produces an amplification effect over an air cored magnetorquer. This allows a system that uses less power, which is critical for CubeSat missions. The rods can enable a mission with increased manoeuvrability and reduced detumble rates.

    CubeSat Magnetorquer rods are designed to be run directly from a switched 5 Volt power output from the on-board power control system.

    Main Features


    • Active damping for spin stabilized, momentum biased and gravity gradient controlled CubeSats

    • Momentum dumping of reaction wheels in three axis stabilized spacecraft

    Testing & Heritage:

    • More than 150 rods delivered to CubeSat programmes over the last 8 years.


    • Low cost standard product

    • High moment for low power

    • Small size and low mass

    • Simple interface

    • No residual magnetic moment


    • Lifetime: >10 years

    • Dimensions: 70mm (length) x 9 mm (diameter)

    • Overall Diameter: < 9 mm

    • Mounting: tied and bounded direct to PCB

    • Mass: < 30 g

    • Interfaces: Coil wires solder direct to PCB pads

    • Operating range: -35°C to +75°C