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NSS Magnetometer
Brand:NewSpace Systems
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    The design of the tri-axial magnetometer uses Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive (AMR) sensors which are co-located with offset compensating circuitry. The offset compensating circuitry nulls the characteristic offset voltage of the AMR sensor and enhances the sensors performance. The sensor provides x-, y- and z-axes magnetic field component measurements, as well as a sensor temperature measurement which is used for the temperature compensation of the magnetic ­field measurement.

    Ideally mounted outside the spacecraft atthe end of a rigid boom the NewSpace magnetometer includes low noise, precision processing and analogue-to-digital conversion circuitry; all of which improves the linearity and reduces the drift sensitivity of the sensor head. The integrated processing circuitry and sensor head provides an accurate and stable magnetic ­field measurement at low power consumption. The power requirement is a regulated 5V DC supply while the measured x-, y- and z-axes magnetic ­field components are available as 0-5V analogue outputs or optionally on a digital serial interface.

    Main Features


    • Orthogonality: better than +/- 1°

    • Measurement range: +60,000nT to -60,000nT

    • Sensitivity: 6.5nT

    • Update rate: up to 10Hz

    • Noise density: <500pT RMS/Hz @1Hz

    • Power consumption: <700 mW

    • 3-axis analogue output: 0-5V or Serial (RS422 or I2C) options

    • Temperature output 0-5V


    • Dimensions: 96x43x17mm

    • Mass: <200g

    • Operating temperature: -35°C to +75°C

    • 15g rms random vibration (qualification levels)

    • 10krad total dose (component level)