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NSS Magnetorquer Rod
Brand:NewSpace Systems
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    NSS Magnetorquer Rod

       Magnetorquers offer a method of controlling the attitude of a spacecraft either directly, by interacting with the local Earth's magnetic field or, more usually, in combination with reaction wheels. This secondary method allows for the dumping of excess momentum in the reaction wheels without the need for a complex propulsion system.

       The NewSpace magnetorquer rods use a magnetic alloy rod which produces an amplification effect over an air cored magnetorquer. This allows a system that uses less power and is less susceptible to magnetic torque variations due to temperature.

       Each rod is typically bifilar wound for redundancy, or the windings can be activated together to increase the torque produced. While drive circuits for the rods can be supplied if required, they typically run directly between a switched power output and the on-board power control system.

    Main Features


    • Active damping for spin stabilised, momentum biased and gravity gradient controlled satellites

    • Momentum dumping of reaction wheels in three axis stabilised spacecraft

    • Simple magnetic stabilisation

    Testing & Heritage:

    • SaudiSat-4

    • DX-1


    • Magnetic moment: From 1A㎡ up to 100A

    • Overall Diameter: 8cm to 60cm available

    • Mass: ~55g/cm (12mm core)

    • Operating range: -35°C to +75°C